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📚 Spend Your Gift Cards On Cheap YA Ebooks!

Hey YA Readers!

It’s the weekend, and what better time to pick up some of those great YA books you’ve been meaning to read? Here’s a quick round-up of a handful of affordable YA ebooks you might want to snag while the prices are right. (You’ve got gift cards burning a hole in your pocket anyway, don’t you?).

Prices are current as of Friday, January 11.

Tiffany D. Jackson’s outstanding thriller Allegedly is $2.

  • If you’ve been itching to try a YA book in translation, what about this book-themed fantasy The Book Jumper? $3.
  • Robin McKinley’s classic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty, is the very specific price of $1.20.
  • The classic queer coming-of-age book Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden is $2.
  • Elizabeth May’s The Falconer, the first in a trilogy, is the exciting price of sixty cents.
  • Want a thriller? Caleb Roehrig’s Last Seen Leaving might fit the bill and it’s a whopping $3.

Vegas + gambling + teen girl infamy + an amazing book cover = Lamar Giles’s Overturned. $2.


See you on Monday!

— Kelly Jensen, @veronikellymars on Instagram and editor of (Don’t) Call Me Crazy and Here We Are.