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đź“š Packing That TBR List With YA Greatness

Time to prepare your TBR, YA fans!

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Aodren: A lonely, young king, searching for a way to dismantle his father’s dark legacy.

Lirra: A girl with the power to control the wind, torn between duty and following her dreams.

For twenty years, Channelers—women with a magical ability—have been persecuted in Malam by those without magic. Now King Aodren wants to end the bloody divide and unite his kingdom. But decades of hatred can’t be overcome by issuing decrees, and rumors of a deadly Channeler-made substance are only fueling people’s fears. Lirra has every reason to distrust Aodren. Yet when he asks for help to discover the truth behind the rumors, she can’t say no. With Lirra by his side, Aodren sees a way forward for his people. But can he rewrite the mistakes of the past before his enemies destroy the world he’s working so hard to rebuild?

We’ve talked about so much great YA over on Book Riot in the last month. Let’s catch up with the lists and thoughts from on site this week, followed by a look at some of the awesome new books coming soon that you’ll want to get excited about.


Have you tuned into Hey YA, the all-YA book podcast hosted by Eric Smith and myself? If not, hop over and give a listen. Our latest episode is a guide to great YA books for gifting this season (or, you know, for reading yourself).


Recent Book Mail

Here’s a huge stack of recent YA books that have hit my door step. There are finished, currently-available books in here (including the gorgeous movie-packaged edition of Dumplin’) as well as a ton of upcoming 2019 reads. Listed from top to bottom. Also, it’s not you — the image is slightly crooked so I could get all of the books in one shot and without all of the other stuff that was piled on my table #realtalk.


Song of the Abyss by Mikila Lucier

Impossible Music by Sean Williams

Every Moment After by Joseph Moldover

Dissenter On The Bench by Victoria Ortiz

The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan

In Another Life by CC Hunter

Never Evers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Dumplin‘ by Julie Murphy

Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski

Bright Burning Stars by AK Small

Fire and Heist by Sarah Beth Durst

Starworld by Audrey Coulthurst and Paula Garner

If I’m Being Honest by Austin Siegemund-Broka and Emily Wibberley

Happy Messy Scary Love by Leah Konen

The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters

Bookish Boyfriends: The Boy Next Door by Tiffany Schmidt

The Music of What Happens by Bill Konigsberg

Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

In The Key of Nira Ghani by Natasha Deen

Bloodleaf by Crystal Smith


Also received in the mail, but not pictured (yet!) was Laurie Halse Anderson’s SHOUT, out in March. Not pictured because I’m just about done with it and my tear stains are still a little too fresh for photographing.


Thanks for hanging out & we’ll see you on Thursday with another preview of some awesome 2019 YA you’ll be excited about.

— Kelly Jensen, @veronikellymars on Twitter and Instagram