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We All Need Something Funny to Read Right Now

So it’s fall. That’s a thing it is. You can sort of tell where I live; it’s not deathly hot anymore. I hope you all have some non-hurricane-like fall weather wherever you are.

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She has fantasies… Now he’s bringing them to life! Notorious seducer Thor Ragnarsson runs the scandalous Hotel Viking in Reykjavik, where tourists go to fulfill their wildest fantasies. When straitlaced American professor Margot Cavendish gets snowed in while studying Icelandic sex culture, Thor challenges her inhibitions with some very hands-on research—soon she’s exploring every inch of his delicious body. It’s only one night of passion, but when the snowstorm clears they’re left aching for more…

News and Useful Links

If you’re a collector of Georgette Heyer novels, there’s a new signature collection, which includes three of her most famous novels. Unlike Crichton and all those other folks whose unfinished works people keep finding in drawers, there doesn’t seem like anything new is happening, so it’s mostly for fans and potential new readers. If you weren’t into her writing before…that’s probably not going to change with some new covers and an introduction or two.

Alyssa Cole wrote a great piece for Booklist’s romance feature! There are some good lists in their romance coverage this month, too.

In less fun news, there’s been some…stuff…happening on twitter regarding an anthology, and we’ve had to have that conversation about representation and the ever useful Jeff Goldblum/Ian Malcolm quote: [people] were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. The gist is a group of white romance authors wrote an anthology of novellas featuring Asian heroes. I haven’t read any of the novellas included, and I couldn’t tell you if they felt squickily like fetishizing. I don’t particularly care about that right now. It’s about the fact that nobody in that group of people thought: hey, maybe we should consult an author or two of Asian descent, maybe even invite them to join our anthology. They thought it was perfectly fine to publish a collection about people in a marginalized group written completely by white women, using comparisons to #ownvoices books like Crazy Rich Asians and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before to promote it. It was this last that really hurt. Don’t use own voices titles when there are none of those same voices anywhere near you. Just don’t.

When this was mentioned by authors from various marginalized groups on social media, some authors—both involved and not involved in the project—took offense. The response was unfortunately not surprising, as it was a microcosm of how a number of marginalized authors are treated regularly. Obviously, not by everyone; there are voices of reason in every group. Not surprising, but still disappointing. Two steps forward; one step back.

Now that I’ve got us all depressed, let’s go read this article from the New York Times. It’s good, I promise.

And for some serious joy, Counterpoint just came out and this is seriously the best way to get into it. I read it ages ago and kind of want to read it again just so I can go back to hanging out with these guys.


Cover of Mating the HuntressYou can preorder Talia Hibbert’s new paranormal romance, Mating the Huntress, for 99 cents. I think the price might go up after it releases, so now’s your chance!

Looking for some short reads? Suleikha Snyder’s new story collection Dil or No Dil is 2.99.

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder what an Amish retelling of Beauty and the Beast would look like”? Belle by Sarah Price is 1.99.

Over on Book Riot

I stan Jessica Avery. Like, so hard.

Your favorite vampire love stories. Well, mostly love stories.

Quizzes are fun, even if you’re not really looking for a next book to read.

Dana talked about feelings and it was beautiful.

Trisha and I talked about things while I wasn’t feeling well and it was very much not beautiful. But we still want to hear from you about Butterfly Swords!

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In just under 12 hours, I’m getting on a plane. I have a touch of travel anxiety (who am I kidding? I’m not going to sleep tonight) and I like to think about worst case scenarios. It’s a thing. But it always makes me think about one of my favorite opening scenes in one of my favorite funny novels.

Cover of Can You Keep a SecretCan You Keep A Secret
Sophie Kinsella

Do you like funny, outspoken heroines? Emma is definitely one of those. But her life becomes wildly embarrassing the moment she discovers the CEO of her company is the man she spilled all of her secrets to on a flight when she thought she was going to die. (Yeah, these are the connections I make.) The second-hand embarrassment continues throughout this book, but somehow, even though I absolutely cannot stand books, movies, or television in which your embarrassment for a character is so severe that it hurts, I couldn’t help loving this one.

I do have to be clear that Can You Keep a Secret isn’t categorically a romance; it’s technically what we would call Chick Lit—but it ends with an HEA so I’m keeping it.

This book is on my “fun-and-funny” Goodreads shelf, and I think both of those are things we all need right now, don’t you? If you want to just gorge yourself on joy and laughter while the rest of it goes to shit, here are some I always go back to (I’ve obviously talked about some of them here before):

Cover of Trade MeTrade Me by Courtney Milan

Poor first generation student and rich white boy trade incomes and situations. What could go wrong? In the meantime, what could go right?

Cinnamon Blade by Shira Glassman

A superhero and the woman she is super into try to date. World saving happens.

A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert

A comics artist and the former soldier who moves in across from her get to know each other over the food he won’t stop bringing her.

Cover of When a Scot Ties the KnotWhen a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare

“Dear fake fiance that I created because I have severe social anxiety, I’m sorry, I have to kill you.” Real man shows up. Fun ensues.

Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl

A romance advice columnist meets the new hot guybrarian and they immediately hit it off. She needs some help with the whole romance thing.

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

When a book starts out with Sexy Gandalf and mistaken identity, you never know what might happen next.

Cover of Tell Me Something GoodTell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley

Radio rivals have hella chemistry, and everyone, including their network, knows it. So of course, they get put on air together.

Nuts by Alice Clayton

Food people make food innuendos. That’s really all you need to know.

Soulless by Gail Carriger

If you like your food innuendos slightly more highbrow and Victorianly witty, Alexia and Lord Maccon are spectacular at them.

Cover of Seduction and SnacksSeduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

Okay, so I apparently have a thing about food.

The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie

I gave this book to my mother about ten years ago and she wouldn’t give it back.


There. That should last us until the next bit of horrible.

New and Upcoming Releases

Cover of Not Another Family WeddingNot Another Family Wedding by Jackie Lau
Counterpoint by Anna Zabo (this book is the greatest, y’all)
Thrall by Roan Parrish and Avon Gale (alternate format, anyone?)
Couldn’t ask for More by Kianna Alexander (October 2)
Consumed by JR Ward (October 2)
The Hollow of Fear by Sherry Thomas (October 2)

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