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Why This Stephen King Book is So Hard to Find: Today in Books

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The Hard-to-Find Stephen King Novel

King’s 1977 novel Rage, published under his pen name Richard Bachman, is about a young man who murders two faculty members at his school and then takes his algebra class hostage with a gun. King “let the book fall out of publication in 1998 after real-life tragedies allegedly inspired by ‘Rage'”, but the book is still findable on Amazon…for $500-$700. I read the book in high school when it was in a second-hand copy of Bachman stories I found at Goodwill. Which I gave away after I finished reading it. Of course.

Ronan Farrow to Publish Book About Sexual Abuse Reporting

Ronan Farrow will expand on his reporting on sexual abuse in a new boo to be published by Little Brown. Called Catch and Kill, the book will “reveal the full extent of his reporting, and what he discovered about how far private investigators, former spies, high-priced lawyers, and embattled executives allegedly went to terrorize, intimidate and silence the women whose stories helped launch an international conversation on sexual misconduct and the abuse of power.” Can’t wait to rage-read this one.

Is Handmaid’s Tale Merch Going Too Far?

The popularity of the adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale has led to the inevitable explosion of THT-themed merchandise available for purchase, and a conversation has begun about whether commodifying a show about violence against women is a capitalist bridge too far. “Looking at the Handmaid’s swag, I’m reminded of my time as a health-care marketing writer, when I interviewed women in breast-cancer support groups; these women loathed all things pink ribbon.” Something to think about.