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Scholastic Unveils New HARRY POTTER Covers: Today in Books

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Scholastic Unveils 20th Anniversary Harry Potter Covers

Scholastic has unveiled new covers for the seven titles in the Harry Potter series. For now, it seems the covers are only available to the U.S. market. You can find them on June 26, ahead of the September 1 publication anniversary.

King of Sweden Steps In On Nobel Prize in Literature Deadlock

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf has announced a plan to make it easier for the members of the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in Literature, to resign. Three of the Academy’s members recently vacated their seats in protest against the decision not to expel the poet Katarina Frostenson. Frostenson’s husband has been accused of sexual harassment, among other things. As the successor of the Academy’s founder, the king has claimed authority over its statutes.

Free Digital Archive Of Vintage Children’s Books

As it turns out, the University of Florida Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature has a digital archive of 6,000 children’s books from the 19th and early 20th century. The collection is free to read online. Titles include Aesop’s Fables, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, and the Grimm’s Fairy Tales.


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