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Plagiarism Software Discovers New Source for Shakespeare’s Plays: Today in Books

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Plagiarism Software Discovers New Source For Shakespeare’s Plays

Scholar Dennis McCarthy and LaFayette College professor June Schlueter discovered source material for Shakespeare’s plays using WCopyfind. Through the software, they compared Shakespeare’s plays with George North’s 1576 unpublished work, A Brief Discourse of Rebellion, and traced more than 20 passages back to Discourse. These passages included Gloucester’s opening soliloquy in Richard III, Macbeth’s comparison of dog breeds to different classes of men, and the Fool’s Merlin prophecy in King Lear. In their upcoming book, A Brief Discourse of Rebellion and Rebels by George North, McCarthy and Schlueter wrote that Discourse “is one of the most influential Shakespearean source texts in any form.”

Cassandra Clare Will Launch A One-Off Publishing House

The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare announced the launch of her one-off publishing house, Shadow Market Enterprises. Through it, Clare will release a collaborative anthology, Ghosts of the Shadow Market, which will feature short stories from Maureen Johnson (Shades of London series), Robin Wasserman (Girls on Fire), Sarah Rees Brennan (Demon’s Lexicon series), and Kelly Link (Get in Trouble), set within the Shadowhunter canon. Beginning in April, Clare will digitally release the stories on a monthly basis for $2.99 each. A print edition from Simon & Schuster, which will include two additional stories, will be available next year.

Stephen Chbosky’s Second Novel Will Be A Horror Story

The Perks of Being a Wallflower author has announced his second novel, almost 20 years after his debut. Described as literary horror, Imaginary Friend follows a single mother trying to start over in a new town with her son after fleeing an abusive relationship. Her son disappears in the woods, to return days later with a voice only he can hear, and a warning. Chbosky’s second book will be out fall of 2019.