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NY Rescinds Restrictions on Books to Prisoners: Today in Books

New York Rescinds Restrictions On Books To Prisoners

Daniel A. Gross announced on Twitter that the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision has rescinded its program that restricted delivery of books to prisoners. The decision came after the New Yorker writer and other news outlets reported on the pilot program, which caused inmates to lose access to new and used book shipments from unapproved mail catalogues, online retailers, and family members. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed the Department of Corrections to rescind, stating, “Concerns from families need to be addressed, while we redouble efforts to fight prison contraband.”

The Vegetarian Translator Responds To Criticism

Deborah Smith, translator of Han Kang’s The Vegetarian, responded to criticism in a Los Angeles Review of Books piece. The criticism pointed to allegedly significant differences between the original text and the translated text, and the outcry claimed Smith took too many liberties with her translation. In response, Smith analyzed what it means to translate a text, and how public and cultural response to the book affected the acclaim surrounding both the original and the translation.

Get A Librarian Action Figure!

Flavorwire alerted us to an action figure modeled after real-life librarian Nancy Pearl. The Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure is one of Seattle-based novelty company Archie McPhee’s most popular. Because librarians absolutely are superheroes. Pearl is an award-winning librarian, best-selling author, literary critic, and TV personality.


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