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Elizabeth Banks Will Direct THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS: Today in Books

Elizabeth Banks To Direct The Paper Bag Princess

Fans of The Paper Bag Princess, you’re getting a movie. Elizabeth Banks will helm a film adaptation of the classic children’s story about a princess who rescues her Prince Charming. The book has sold more than 10 million copies. Suicide Squad‘s Margot Robbie is also attached to the project as a producer. Robbie may even star in the film, but that’s so far unconfirmed. Added to the list of women steering the adaptation is Katie Silberman who will write the screenplay. Lots of anticipation for this one.

Audible Is Letting Romance Readers Skip To The Good Parts

The company is launching their new Audible Romance service, which will include special features such as being able to skip ahead to “the good parts.” But the good parts aren’t just the sex scenes. Recognizing that Romance readers have nuanced and varying interests, the “Take Me To The Good Part” feature lets them jump to pre-selected scenes, including First Meeting, Flirty Banter, Sexual Tension, and First Kiss. Another feature is a “Steaminess” score that lets subscribers filter books by their graphic content. Audible Romance is an all-you-can-read service, so some filtering will probably be necessary.

“To The Lady Who Mistook Me For The Help At The National Book Awards”

Not exactly news, but oh boy. Filipino author Patrick Rosal attended the National Book Awards and was mistaken for a waiter, as the title implies. So, he wrote about it and beautifully. No, it isn’t news and that’s the saddest thing about this piece. Give it a read.

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