Riot Rundown


Today’s Riot Rundown is sponsored by¬†ACHILLES Book One of the Deep Sky Saga, by Greg Boose, from Diversion Books.

Stay up all night with this “action-packed…survivalist series starter” in the vein of The 100 with “a compelling cast of supporting characters that keeps the pages moving.” (Booklist)

In the year 2221, humans have colonized an Earth-like planet called Thetis. After a tragic accident kills dozens of teenage colonists, Thetis’ leaders are desperate to repopulate. So, Earth sends 177 new homesteaders across the universe in the Mayflower 2. For Jonah Lincoln, an orphaned teen, this is a chance to reinvent himself, to be strong and independent and brave, the way he never could be on Earth. But their ship crash lands, killing half the passengers, and leaving the rest stranded on a moon, Achilles. When all the adult survivors suddenly disappear, leaving the teenage recruits to fend for themselves, Jonah worries for their fate, especially since it appears Achilles isn’t as uninhabited as they were lead to believe.