Win a Piles of Twelve New Books from Sherman Alexie, Al Franken, Noah Hawley, and More!

Last week, Book Riot launched a new podcast series called Annotated, a documentary podcast series about books, reading, and language (if you like This American Life, Planet Money, or Invisibilia, you’ll be familiar with the format).

Hachette is the exclusive sponsor of all six episodes of this first season, and they are giving away prize packs of all twelve books sponsoring the podcast this season to three winners.

The prize pack includes:

Ok, ready? Go here to enter Hachette’s giveaway.

And we hope you’ll check out the first episode of Annotated: “Is It 1984 Yet?” It’s about the resurgence of interest in George Orwell’s 1984 and the story of how 1984 came to be in the first place.

The next five episodes in the series will come out every other week, and you can subscribe to Annotated in Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, or in your podcast player of choice.

Find out more about Annotated here, or just click our fancy logo for the show below: