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2 New Sylvia Plath Poems Discovered: This Week in Books

New Sylvia Plath Poems Discovered

In this week’s edition of Old Work By Dead Authors Found in Someone’s Attic (or variations thereof), academics have discovered two poems by Sylvia Plath on old carbon paper “hidden in the back of an old notebook…” The poems are early works, written in 1956 at the start of Plath’s relationship with poet Ted Hughes. The new poems join a handful of newly discovered letters Plath wrote to her psychiatrist, which detail abuse Plath suffered at the hands of Hughes.


Neil Gaiman Will Read You the Cheesecake Factory Menu

Writer and comedian Sara Benincasa asked Neil Gaiman on Twitter if he’d read the entire Cheesecake Factory menu on stage for charity, and he’s agreed to do it if she can raise $500,000. Gaiman has chosen the UNHCR, the United Nation’s refugee agency, to be the recipient of the funds raised. Gaiman’s voice is very nice and the Cheesecake Factory menu is very long, so if this happens I’m very tempted to keep the recording as a soothing thing to fall asleep to at night.


The 2016 Nebula Award Winners!

The winners of the 2016 Nebula Awards from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have been announced! The finalists in the major categories were all excellent, so I was bound to be happy with whoever was chosen by the organization to win. Charlie Jane Anders’s All the Birds in the Sky takes home Best Novel, and Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire wins Best Novella. See the full list of winners here.

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