What's Up in YA

Girls in the Labor Movement, Black Sabbath Songs With YA Books, & More Bookish Links

Happy Monday, YA Readers!


Let’s take this week’s newsletter as an opportunity to explore what we’ve been talking about YA over on Book Riot’s website over the last month or so. There’s something for every one here, so enjoy!


  • YA girls, fiction and real, who love and excel at STEM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math for the non-acronym savvy!).
  • YA books that explore money, class, and power (seriously, though, these books are not only outstanding but tackle some big stuff I haven’t seen much before!).
  • Which of these YA novels about nerds are worth your bucks and which are worth a checkout at the library? The verdicts are in.


That’s a wrap this week! I’ll be handing over control of the YA Newsletter next week to middle grade queen Karina Glaser, as I’ll be traveling. I’m eager to see what she talks about and hope you are, too!

Until later, keep fighting the good fight and reading great YA books.

-Kelly Jensen