Giveaway: TWO DAYS GONE by Randal Silvis

We have 10 copies of Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis to give away to 10 readers.

Here’s what it’s about:

What could cause a man to suddenly snap and destroy everything he has built? This is the question that haunts Sergeant Ryan DeMarco after the wife and children of beloved college professor and bestselling author Thomas Huston are found slaughtered in their home. Huston himself has disappeared and so is immediately cast as the prime suspect.

DeMarco knows—or thinks he knows—that Huston couldn’t have been capable of murdering his family. But if Huston is innocent, why is he on the run? And does the half-finished manuscript he left behind contain clues to the mystery of his family’s killer?

Go here to enter for a chance to win, or just click on the cover image below. Good luck!


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