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Inclusive YA Adaptations In The Works, Best Books of 2016, and More YA News

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I’ve gotten and appreciated all of your amazing feedback the last couple of newsletters, so thank you all! Let’s take this week to regroup and catch up on some of the news going on in the YA world:


  • The UK hit by Beth Reekles, The Kissing Booth, was picked up by Netflix. I wonder if we’ll see it in the US…and more, I’m curious how the book feels, being that it’s set in the US but written by a British writer.
  • I’m of mixed feelings on this piece about one author being told it was too dangerous for him to write about a teen genderqueer experience. My biggest feeling though comes from the end of the publisher: are they now actively seeking a genderqueer author doing this kind of writing? Because if the danger is that the author writing the book is not, then this is where they step up and actively seek out an author who is genderqueer. Talk the talk and walk the walk.



Let’s take a look at the YA talk over on Book Riot from the last few weeks, too:


Thanks for hanging out again! We’ll be back next week with a very much necessary, crowd-sourced book list and I’ll be asking you to weigh in on your favorite YA reads from this year (& those YA reads you think deserve a bigger readership).

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