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Goodbye, Summer. Please, and Thank you.

The Corgis have called it quits on summer. Sure, there’s extra sunshine and plenty of kids off school to play with. But in the summer, it’s so hot, they can’t frap endlessly in the grass without needing a break to cool down. They’re too hot to create snuggling nests out of their endless supplies of blankets. And let me tell you, Dylan is solidly in his blanket nest-building era. So here’s to cooler days — hopefully — in just a few weeks. As an ode to this last hurrah of summer, we’re talking about nature books today!

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Bookish Goods

a photo of a book sleeve featuring ghosts in the pattern of picnic gingham

Picnic Ghosties Book Sleeve by Book Barn Galore

This book sleeve is what I imagine ghosts look like on a summer picnic. They’re cute, with those pastel gingham patterns. Just perfect. $28

New Releases

a graphic of the cover of First Gen: A Memoir by Alejandra Campoverdi

First Gen: A Memoir by Alejandra Campoverdi

Raised by a single mother in LA, Alejandra Campoverdi never expected to have such an adventurous life full of unbelievable moments. From graduating from Harvard to becoming a White House aide for President Obama, Campoverdi takes us on the wild ride of her life that defies narratives surrounding immigrants.

a graphic of the cover of Omega Farm: A Memoir by Martha McPhee

Omega Farm: A Memoir by Martha McPhee

During the first year of the pandemic, Martha McPhee takes a larger role in her family by caring for her mother. As she spends more time in her childhood home, she is confronted by a wave of memories from her life as a kid in a large blended family with her siblings and step-siblings.

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Riot Recommendations

aa graphic of the cover of Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

Lab Girl is a memoir by botanist Hope Jahren. This book is like a meditation on plants and how Jahren’s life has been influenced by her work in the scientific field studying and cataloging plants. She also shares what it’s been like for her, as a woman, to work in a male-dominated field. And the prose of this book is incredible, making it a joy to read.

a graphic of the cover of Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

In Braiding Sweetgrass, botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer combines her background in science and the traditions of her Indigenous heritage to write this beautiful book that focuses on the wisdom of plants. Her incredible prose and her depth of knowledge combine to create a one-of-a-kind reading experience.

a photo of Gwen, a black and white Cardigan Welsh Corgi, in a creek. The photo was taken when she is in mid shake.
Gwen Became a Water Corgi This Summer

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Happy Reading, Friends!

~ Kendra