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Happy Grandparents’ Day!

Grandparents’ Day falls on different days around the world, but in the U.S., it’s the first Sunday after Labor Day — in other words, this coming Sunday! Check out the Riot Recommendations for thematically appropriate comics!

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New Releases

Hooky Vol 3 cover

Hooky Volume Three by Míriam Bonastre Tur

This magical series concludes with twins Dani and Dorian in serious trouble: Dani is under a curse, and Dorian has gone missing altogether. Can their friends save the twins from certain doom and help them overthrow a wicked king who hates magic?

Blade of the Moon Princess Vol 1 cover

Blade of the Moon Princess Volume One by Tatsuya Endo

Kaguya is, well, not your ideal princess. Loudmouthed and independent-minded, she is nonetheless her kingdom’s only hope after her mother falls ill, usurpers take over the Silver Court, and Kaguya herself is exiled from the moon. Now she has to fight her way back and reclaim the throne!

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: grandparents! They can have a big impact on their grandchildren’s lives, as these graphic novels so capably explore.

Mexikid cover

Mexikid by Pedro Martín

Pedro is less than thrilled when he finds out his abuelito is going to come up from Mexico to live with his family — not because he doesn’t love his grandfather, but because he already has to share a house with eight siblings! But the more time Pedro spends with his abuelito, the happier he is that he got the chance to bond with him.

Mamo cover

Mamo by Sas Milledge

Orla’s grandmother, Mamo, was a powerful hedge witch, but Orla has no interest in following in her magical footsteps. After Mamo’s death, however, things start going wrong, and Orla is the only one who can fix them. Can she handle it? And will she have to give up her own ambitions to take her grandmother’s place in Haresden?

If you have living grandparents, make sure to drop them a line this weekend. And if, like me, you do not, have a great weekend anyway!