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A Seminal Puberty Book Turns 25 + More YA Book Talk and News: August 31, 2023

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Bookish Goods

set of three enamel pins in the shape of animals reading

Book Lover Enamel Pins by NightOwlPaperGoods

How adorable are these enamel pins featuring a cat, dog, and fox reading books? Argh, I love them so much. Grab the set for $31.

New Releases

It’s paperback o’clock. Let’s look at the books hitting shelves in their more pliable form this week. As usual, you can see the entire list over here, and once you click the links below, you might need to toggle your view to see the paperback edition.

love radio book cover

Love Radio by Ebony LaDelle

Prince Jones is 17, and he dreams of becoming a DJ and falling in love. He’s scored a segment on Detroit’s popular hip-hop show “Love Radio,” where he shares love advice. In addition to pursuing those dreams and rocking his show, Prince is caretaker of his mother who has multiple sclerosis. Romance for him is a bit on the back burner…until he meets Dani Ford. Dani is passionate about getting good grades and making her way to New York City to pursue a career as an author. She gives Prince just three chances to convince her they’re meant to be. He won’t be wasting it.

Check out the new paperback cover, too!

what happened on hicks road book cover

What Happened on Hicks Road by Hannah Jayne

This looks exactly like the kind of thriller I would have eaten up as a teen, and I suspect it’ll be a hit with them.

Lennox moved to California and is loving her new life here. It’s a fresh start and no one knows about what happened with her mom. But one night while out partying, Lennox is driving on Hicks Road and hits something. Or someone.

Everyone tells her it was nothing, but Lennox keeps envisioning hitting a girl. She wants to tell the police, but she has no real proof. Plus, if the police knew she’d been driving, she’d be in trouble.

So when a note saying “Find Me” comes through her window, Lennox is drawn into the mystery of what–who?–she hit out on Hicks Road. It might require her to come clean about what happened to her mom, too.

YA Book News

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