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10 Comedy Detective Movies That Are Laugh Out Loud Funny

Hello mystery fans! This month was my absolute favorite for adaptation releases! I adored Heartstopper S2 (Netflix), Red, White & Royal Blue (Prime) and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (VOD) was a literal work of art!

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Bookish Goods

beige tote bag with a graphic print of the killer from Scream holding a pink phone saying "no you hang up"

Funny Scream tote bag by liliumapparel1

If a tote bag makes me laugh, you get to see it! ($25)

New Releases

cover of Happiness Falls by Angie Kim

Happiness Falls by Angie Kim

The author of Miracle Creek is back with a new book for fans of a missing person mystery, family drama, and a dive into what happiness means.

Mia Parkson and her two siblings are staying in her parent’s home (COVID lockdown). After her youngest brother Eugene goes for a walk with their dad, he returns alone. It appears that something has happened to their father, but because Eugene is nonverbal, he does not recount the day’s events. While her father’s notes might lead Mia to conclude he’s behind his own disappearance, the police start to look at Eugene.

I’ve been rec’d this a lot by fellow reviewers and the only reason I haven’t gotten to it yet is because I wanted to go with the audiobook format. If you like reading the buzzy books, this one appears to be one for this fall.

cover image for The Reunion

The Reunion by Kit Frick

For fans of family reunions and resort settings where one person is murdered…

Over winter break, the Mayweathers find themselves united in Cancún, Mexico thanks to an engagement. Except this forced week of family fun is filled with secrets and a murder that places everyone on the suspect list… This is giving me vibes for fans of The White Lotus who are impatiently waiting for a new season.

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Riot Recommendations

I have a book with a bruja (not fantasy) and one with a witch (some fantasy)!

Cover of River Woman, River Demon by Jennifer Givhan

River Woman, River Demon by Jennifer Givhan

Eva Santos Moon–a glass artist who started using a little black magic in hopes of reviving her creativity–is having a hard time, which is about to get worse. Her husband is arrested for the murder of a coworker (on suspicion of an affair), the new murder is bringing up childhood trauma from witnessing a drowning, and Eva’s been having recent blackouts that are making it difficult for her to know what is real or not. Is her husband guilty? Does her childhood best friend’s drowning mean Eva may be responsible?

(TW mentions postpartum depression/mentions domestic violence)

In the Company of Witches cover image

In the Company of Witches by
Auralee Wallace

For fans of cozy mysteries and Practical Magic (widow, magic, witches, family)!

Brynn Warren is a witch who can talk to ghosts, a power she’s refused to use for years ever since her husband died. But now running a B&B with her aunts, she’s forced to stop ignoring her powers. It’s the only way to clear her aunt’s name when she’s suspected of murdering a guest…

News and Roundups

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10 Comedy Detective Movies That Are Laugh Out Loud Funny

Put Netflix’s Who is Erin Carter on your watch list if you’re a fan of gritty crime thrillers

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