The Stack

You Are Now Entering Another Dimension (of Comics)

Some days, it seems like running off to another dimension is the best possible solution to life’s problems. Surely, nowhere else could be worse than where we are now? These comics say, “don’t bet on it!”

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Bookish Goods

A coin purse with little hearts, moons, and other designs patterned on it

Sailor Moon Zipper Pouch by YourFavorTheme

Need something to carry your coins, pencils, make-up, or other little items? These cute pouches are just the ticket and come in all sorts of patterns! $7+

New Releases

Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider cover

Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider by Seanan McGuire, Rosi Kämpe, and Takeshi Miyazawa

The evil Inheritors are threatening the world, and where is the heroic Spider-Gwen when we need her? Stuck in another dimension, that’s where. Between that and her various personal problems, Gwen certainly has her work cut out for her!

Cindy and Biscuit We Love Trouble cover

Cindy and Biscuit: We Love Trouble by Dan White

Cindy is a strange little girl living in an even stranger town. With all sorts of supernatural creeps lurking around the corner, only Cindy and her loyal dog Biscuit can save everyone from harm — because no one else seems to believe that the threats Cindy sees are real!

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: alternate dimensions! Any comic can take you to another world, but these ones go the extra mile.

The City on the Other Side cover

The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott and Robin Robinson

Isabel is a privileged girl growing up in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. But her safe and comfortable life comes to an end when Isabel enters another dimension, one where war threatens both that alternate city and her own. Can she and her new friends find a way to stop the fighting in time?

Ultra Maniac Vol 1 cover

Ultra Maniac Volume One by Wataru Yoshizumi

Nina might just be the strangest transfer student in history: not only did she transfer from another dimension, she is also an aspiring witch! Her new friend Ayu would be fine with all that, if only Nina’s half-baked spells didn’t keep embarrassing her in front of everybody, including the boy she has a crush on…

Don’t go running off to any other dimensions between now and Thursday, nerd friends, because you’ll definitely want to be here for the next edition of the Stack!