The Stack

National Dog Month Continues…

…with more great comics about puppies! But first, we’ll look at some new releases that, while sadly devoid of any four-legged friends, are still great reads to enjoy as the summer winds down (or the winter, for those of you below the equator).

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Bookish Goods

A white dog wearing a chibi Avengers-patterned bow tie

Superheros Pet Bow Tie by TheDragonsCauldron

For special occasions or an ordinary walk in the park, this snazzy tie will make your best friend the envy of all other nerdy pet parents! $9+

New Releases

Mother Nature cover

Mother Nature by Jamie Lee Curtis, Karl Stevens, and Russell Goldman

The town of Catch Creek, New Mexico, relies on the Cobalt Corporation for jobs and clean water. But when her father dies while working for the Corporation, Nova Terrell devotes herself to destroying it — and to uncovering the terrifying secrets behind its latest project.

Akane-banashi Vol 1 cover

Akane-banashi Volume One by Yuki Suenaga and Takamasa Moue

Akane’s main goal in life is to become a master at rakugo, a traditional form of Japanese storytelling. She does this to try to avenge her father, who was denied the chance to become a top rakugo master himself. In the process, Akane creates more trouble and controversies than she ever expected.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: puppies II! Because one can never spend too much time talking about doggos in comics.

Lovely Muco! Vol 1 cover

Lovely Muco! Volume One by Takayuki Mizushina

Based on a true story, this manga follows an extremely happy dog named Muco who loves everything about the world. Also, he likes to rip up towels in the same way my own dog does!

Whistle cover

Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero by E. Lockhart and Manuel Preitano

Willow Zimmerman cares deeply about helping her community. When she unexpectedly gains dog-like superpowers and the ability to talk to a stray dog she loves, she of course wants to put her powers to good use. But at the same time, her mother has cancer, and she desperately needs money. Is she desperate enough to take a shady job offered by a former family friend?

A Havanese looks at the camera while lying on a human bed, covered by the blanket

This is my dog Poppy, the towel destroyer. She loves to sit on my bed while I’m trying to make it, lol.

Now go hug your fur friend for me!