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Stay Witchy and Bookish

Happy Friday, shipmates! It’s Alex, with your second round of new releases for the week, and a couple of new short story anthologies to check out! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a heck of a busy week for me — mostly because I’m gearing up to move to a new place, and you know how much fun that isn’t. I’ve had to pack away almost all my books and my poor shelves look so sad now. Thank goodness for ebooks in these trying times! Stay safe and cool out there, space pirates, and I’ll see you on Tuesday! Have a great weekend.

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Bookish Goods

witchy and bookish sweatshirt

Witchy and Bookish Sweatshirt by EarthCustom

It’s never too early to start thinking about October! And we’ve got a witchy anthology in the recommendations for this week so…I loved this unabashedly orange sweatshirt. (But it does come in other colors.) $25

New Releases

Cover of The Museum of Human History by Rebekah Bergman

The Museum of Human History by Rebekah Bergman

At the age of 8, Maeve nearly drowned…but then she also never woke up. And never resumed aging. As Maeve sleeps and the world proceeds on without her, she becomes a curiosity to some and an obsession for others, a steady waypoint in a world of changing technology.

cover of The Hundred Loves of Juliet

The Hundred Loves of Juliet by Evelyn Skye

Helene and Sebastian meet one cold evening in a small town in Alaska, and for Helene, it seems like a dream come true; Sebastian, however, sees only the oncoming tragedy. He knows they’ve lived this story hundreds of times, with different names, but they’re always Romeo and Juliet in the end. But this time, Helene is determined to see a different ending come to pass.

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Riot Recommendations

There seem to be a lot of cool anthologies coming out this month, so here are two to start you off!

Cover of Fit for the Gods

Fit for the Gods: Greek Mythology Reimagined edited by Jenn Northington and S. Zainab Williams

An anthology of fantastical retellings of Greek myths, gender-bent, queered, race-bent, and inclusive — edited by Book Riot’s own Jenn Northington and S. Zainab Williams! Featuring stories by Alyssa Cole, Sarah Gailey, Mia P. Manansala, Valerie Valdes, and more.

Cover of The Book of Witches

The Book of Witches edited by Jonathan Strahan

This is an anthology of 29 new stories about witches, all kinds, from what one might traditionally imagine to those who run counter to all expectations. Featuring stories by C.L. Clark, Amal El-Mohtar, Andrea Hairston, Darcie Little Badger, Ken Lie, and more!

See you, space pirates. If you’d like to know more about my secret plans to dominate the seas and skies, you can catch me over at my personal site.