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And They Were Roommates

Some weather we’re having lately, huh? It’s been hot, muggy, and miserable in my area. I’m just about over summer, but I’ll never be over comics!

What do S.A. Cosby, Khaled Hosseini, Sarah Bakewell, and Yahdon Israel have in common? They’ve been guests on Book Riot’s newest podcast, First Edition, where co-founder Jeff O’Neal explores the wide bookish world. Subscribe to hear them and stay to hear Book Riot’s editors pick the “it” book of the month.

Bookish Goods

A selection of seven pens, each with Wonder Woman's colors and a different name in white cursive

Wonder Woman Personalized Refillable Pen by CraftedKnack

Okay, so you still won’t have much fun writing checks, but at least you’ll look WONDERful doing it with this personalizable pen! $15

New Releases

Wasp Small Worlds cover

Wasp: Small Worlds by Various Creators

Despite her tiny size, there are plenty of Wasps to go around! This collection features two of them — Janet van Dyne and Nadia van Dyne — on the path of a villain who, for some reason, wants to erase them from existence. As a bonus, it also includes a story from Tales to Astonish #44, featuring Janet’s debut.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Vol 1 cover

Disney Twisted-Wonderland, Volume One: Book of Heartslabyul by Yana Toboso, Wakana Hazuki, and Sumire Kowono

Night Raven College is an elite school for magic users, so what the heck is Yu, an ordinary boy with no magical powers, doing there? More to the point, how can he get back home? The students there seem determined to make things as difficult for him as possible!

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: roommates! Love ’em or hate ’em, they sure make life more interesting (and affordable).

Saint Young Men Omnibus 1 cover

Saint Young Men Omnibus One by Hikaru Nakamura

Say you’re a revered religious figure who just needs a little time off after unbroken centuries of good deeds. Where do you go? If you’re Jesus and Buddha in Saint Young Men, you get an apartment together in Tokyo and learn what modern life is all about!

Strangers in Paradise Vol 1 cover

Strangers in Paradise Volume One by Terry Moore

Moore’s lauded series is now being re-released in a brand-new, four-volume edition. You’ll meet David, who loves Katchoo, who loves Francine, who can’t seem to find love no matter how hard she tries. This unlikely trio will have to navigate not just their feelings but also events much more dangerous in this funny, touching, and thrilling series.

Stay cool until Thursday, nerd friends! Interpret that however you like!