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Happy Thursday, nerd friends! I hope you had a nice holiday weekend, or just a nice weekend period. I’m sure you’re now all rested and refreshed to tackle the great reads listed below!

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New Releases

Like a Butterfly Vol 1 cover

Like a Butterfly Volume One by suu Morishita

Suiren is beautiful but terribly shy. This becomes a problem when she falls in love with Kawasami, a karate student. With someone else also vying for Kawasami’s affections, can Suiren pluck up her courage and tell him how she feels before it’s too late?

UTown cover

UTown by CAB

Samuel is a classic case of “failure to launch.” He wants to be an artist but is too lazy to actually pursue that career, preferring to spend his days behind the counter at a video store — until gentrification threatens his beloved, welcoming neighborhood, and Samuel’s art might be the only thing that can save it.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: multiracial characters! Having a mixed background has its challenges — but it also gives you a perspective and an experience that is uniquely yours.

German Calendar No December cover

German Calendar No December by Sylvia Ofili and Birgit Weyhe

Olivia, born to a Nigerian father and a German mother, was always restless. First, she thought boarding school might make her life complete, before learning what an abusive environment it really was. Then she traveled to Germany, where she learned about her mother’s homeland and Olivia’s own precarious place within it.

Kimiko Does Cancer cover

Kimiko Does Cancer by Kimiko Tobimatsu and Keet Geniza

Tobimatsu was many things: mixed-race, queer, in a relationship…and, at the tender age of 25, diagnosed with cancer. How do you navigate a diagnosis like that when the healthcare system is not built for people like you? And what do you do after you have supposedly “beaten” cancer? This moving memoir explores Tobimatsu’s own experiences.

Well, that’s it for me this week! Short week for the Stack, huh? Don’t worry, all will be back to normal next week!