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Winter, Ice Cream, And More!

Happy Tuesday, kidlit friends! I am watching the snow fall outside as I write this, a rare occurrence here in Nashville. It was 60 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, so this snow is definitely not going to stick. But it’s pretty to watch! In honor of this rare occurrence, I review four new children’s books about winter in today’s newsletter, as well as two new releases that have sorta cold themes.

Bookish Goods

Winter Friends Print by blancucha

Winter Friends Print by blancucha

I adore Blanca Gómez’s children’s book illustrations. Some of her picture books include Dress-Up Day, Bird House, and the recently released Very Good Hats by Emma Straub. I was thrilled to find she has an Etsy page! I love this print of friends traipsing in the snow. $30+

New Releases

Cover of Beneath by Doerrfeld

Beneath by Cori Doerrfeld (picture book)

Many of Doerrfeld’s picture books have themes centering social/emotional learning, and her most recent sweet title is no different. Finn is grumpy and doesn’t want to come out from beneath his blanket. His grandfather wants to talk about it, but Finn doesn’t feel like talking. Instead, Finn’s grandfather takes him on a walk outside with Finn still huddled beneath his blanket, and Grandpa describes the natural world beneath what we see and that people can often be more than what they seem. Often hiding beneath a person is someone feeling the exact same way you do. It’s a lovely exploration of empathy and the natural world.

Cover of Ice Cream Man by Armand

Ice Cream Man by Glenda Armand and Kim Freeman, illustrated by Keith Mallett (picture book)

This picture book biography tells the story of Augustus Jackson, an African American entrepreneur known as “the father of ice cream.” Jackson was born in 1808 and dreamed of becoming a chef. At 12, he began working in the kitchens at the White House, and within five years he was promoted to chef. He served three presidents and experimented with desserts, eventually mastering what came to be known as ice cream. He saved enough money to open his own ice cream shop to serve everyone, not just the rich. This is such fantastic biography. I can’t believe I’d never heard of Augustus Jackson before!

On my reviews of 12 January new releases, I also recommend two middle grade novels out today — Figure It Out, Henri Weldon and The Lost Year.

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Riot Recommendations

My daughter and I have been reading winter-themed books constantly since I put away our Christmas reads. Here are four new ones that we love.

Cover of Groundhog Gets It Wrong by Townes

Groundhog Gets it Wrong by Jessica Townes, illustrated by Nicole Miles (picture book)

Today is a young groundhog’s first Groundhog Day. It’s his turn to predict whether winter will continue or if spring will come early. It can’t be that hard, right? When Groundhog gets it wrong and predicts an early spring, chaos ensues. Groundhog learns that he needs to learn about meteorology and how weather works to make accurate predictions. This is a great read for Groundhog Day and for kids interested in meteorology.

Cover of Logan's Greenhouse by Brown-Wood

Logan’s Greenhouse by JaNay Brown-Wood, illustrated by Samara Hardy (picture book)

This is the third book in Brown-Wood’s Where in the Garden? series, and this time Logan, a wheelchair user, is searching for carrots in the community garden’s greenhouse on a winter day. He’s attending a pet playdate with his friends, but he has to find the carrots for pet treats. Young readers can help Logan compare and contrast different fruits and vegetables until he finally finds the carrots. Other books in the series include Amara’s Farm, Miguel’s Community Garden, and the forthcoming Linh’s Rooftop Garden. These are wonderful reads for preschoolers.

Cover of Bus Stop by Dale

Bus Stop by Angela H. Dale, illustrated by Lala Watkins (picture book)

I kept seeing this book reviewed on Instagram and finally picked it up at the library. It’s such a fantastic, rhythmic read aloud; I’m glad I was influenced! Children gather one by one at a school bus stop as the snow begins falling more and more heavily. After all the children have gathered, a toddler pops out of her house shouting “Snow day!” The kids then play in the snow together. It’s such a fun read, and really brings back memories of snow days when I was a kid!

Cover of Hiders Seekers Finders Keepers by Kulekjian

Hiders Seekers Finders Keepers by Jessica Kulekjian, illustrated by Salini Perera (picture book)

This lyrical, nonfiction picture book explores the many ways animals adapt to winter. It begins in the fall when some animals begin hiding away food while others prepare for hibernation. Still others, like the monarch butterflies, begin the long journey to a warmer climate. It’s a lovely, fascinating book for nature lovers.

Snowy day heart leaf, the kids are all right

The last time it snowed, my daughter found this heart-shaped leaf with snow gathered inside it. So pretty!

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Margaret Kingsbury