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Welcome to Read This Book, a newsletter where I recommend one book that I think you absolutely must read. The books will vary across genre and age category to include new releases, backlist titles, and classics. If you’re ready to explode your TBR, buckle up!

This week’s pick is one that I read as an ARC back at the beginning of the year, and I loved it so much but I’ve been sitting on it for ages because it’s only just come out this month! If you’re looking for a spicy romance novel, you’ll love this book.

the cover of Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner

Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner

Cassie is a college senior who has no interest in hanging around campus for Family Weekend, so she finds herself in an off, off campus bar where she flirts with a very beautiful older woman. One thing leads to another, and they have a hot hookup that should be a one and done deal…but the next day Cassie is shocked when she’s invited to breakfast with her new friend, a college freshman…and her mom turns out to be Cassie’s one night stand.

Erin didn’t mean to hookup with a younger woman, and she’s horrified to realize that her daughter is friends with Cassie. She resolves to put the whole situation behind her…but the more she gets to know Cassie, the harder it is to stay away. But how can they have a real relationship after all this clandestine action?

I loved Meryl Wilsner’s debut novel, Something to Talk About, so I was super excited to read their next book and this one surpassed all expectations. Not only is it fun and super sexy, but it is a thoughtful take on relationship age gaps and what society views as permissible. (To be clear, Cassie is 23 while Erin is 39 so nothing is illegal or icky on that count.) Cassie and Erin have an electric connection and it goes beyond the physical element to a deeply emotional connection, which they’re both reluctant to admit and explore, but when they do they find something that shocks them: the chance at a genuine connection and happiness. I loved that this book starts off as a sexy one-night stand and turns into a heartfelt romance about two people learning to take a chance on love and be brave in the face of judgement or others’ opinions. It’s also a great book about found family and learning to embrace those who accept you, even if the relationships might look unconventional. Definitely pick this one up if you want a sapphic romance with heat and heart.

Happy reading!

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