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The Most Anticipated Books of 2022 on Goodreads: Today in Books

Goodreads Members’ Most Anticipated 2022 Titles

It’s the time of the year to start with a clean reading slate. I always look forward to checking out what’s coming out as the calendar turns, and this list of what Goodreads users are looking forward to includes some on my own list, and a few I hadn’t spotted. Olga Dies Dreaming will be my first 2022 read, and I think The Maid will be hard upon. This really only cover books coming out through April/May, but there is something, in fact it always feels more than something, for any kind of reader.

New Zealand’s First Booker Prize Winner Dies

Keri Hulme is a named I only knew from perusing the list of Booker Prize winners over the years. I never picked up The Bone People, her debut novel that won her (and New Zealand’s first) Booker award. I have to say she, and the book, sound fascinating. The novel follows “mysterious relationships between three unorthodox outsiders of mixed Māori and European heritage,” and Hulme was explicity interested in portraying the wide-ranging effects of ethnic violence in New Zealand. Hulme died this week after a long bout with dementia.

2021 Proved No Book is Unfilmable

Citing the adaptations of Dune, The Wheel of Time, and Foundation that came out this year, Ben Lindbergh wonders if this spells the end of the idea of the unfilmable literary work, at least as a business proposition. As we covered on Adaptation Nation for Dune and The Wheel of Time, these adaptations make choices, as all adaptations must, that make them more wieldy–though meaningfully different from the source texts. Does that mean that they have been “filmed”? What seems more concretely to have changed is the amount of money companies are willing to dedicated to the incredible modern film-making tools available these days. For better and for worse.

10 Great Winter Thrillers to Delight and Frighten You

In a couple days, the winter holidays will be behind us, and the long winter really begins. To fill these cold and dark days, consider picking up a great winter thriller to keep you warm. Or at least scared.