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The Big Library Read’s YA Thriller Pick and More of Your YA Book News and New Books: November 4, 2021

Hey YA Readers!

It’s been a quieter week in terms of YA book news, and chances are, we’ll see a quieter few weeks as we roll out of 2021 (but maybe we won’t — it’s been a weird year, so who knows?). The good news is this means you’ve got time to catch up on the latest YA book releases, as well as those books that’ve been teetering on your TBR.

Let’s dive in.

YA Book News

Note: I’ve not included book challenges, as you can follow those weekly on Book Riot. I round ’em up on Fridays, and the previous week’s are linked later in the newsletter.

New YA Book Releases

Please note that with supply chain issues, paper supply challenges, and the pandemic more broadly, publication dates are changing at a pace I can’t keep up with. Some release dates may be pushed back. If a book catches your attention, the smartest thing to do right now is to preorder it or request it from your library. It’ll be a fun surprise when it arrives. This goes, too, for any books you might be planning to purchase for the holidays — the sooner you pick up the hard copies, if that’s your preference, the better.


Briar Girls by Rebecca Kim Wells

Dreams Lie Beneath by Rebecca Ross

Every Line of You by Naomi Gibson

A Face for Picasso book cover

A Face for Picasso by Ariel Henley (nonfiction)

Faith: Greater Heights by Julie Murphy (series)

Fat Angie: Homecoming by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo (series)

Freedom Swimmer by Wai Chim

Gilded by Marissa Meyer

Girls of Fate and Fury by Natasha Ngan (series)

A Hot Mess by Jeff Fleischer (nonfiction)

In The Ballroom with a Candlestick by Diana Peterfreund

Into The Bloodred Woods by Martha Brockenbrough

Margot Mertz Takes It Down by Carrie McCrossen and Ian McWethy

The Reckless Kind by Carly Heath

A Rush of Wings by Laura E. Weymouth

Skin of the Sea book cover

Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen (series)

Spin Me Right Round by David Valdes

The Story of More: Young Reader Edition by Hope Jahren (nonfiction)

Sway With Me by Syed M. Masood

Terciel and Elinor by Garth Nix (series)

When We Were Them by Laura Taylor Namey

You Can Go Your Own Way by Eric Smith

You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao


book cover for archenemies

Archenemies by Marissa Meyer (series)

Beautiful Wild by Anna Godbersen

Blame It On The Mistletoe by Beth Garrod

The Camelot Betrayal by Kiersten White (series)

Come On In by Adi Alsaid

A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey

The Enigma Game by Elizabeth Wein

Finding My Voice by Marie Myung-Ok Lee

food-related stories book cover

Food-Related Stories by Gaby Melian (nonfiction)

Going Viral by Katie Cicatelli-Kuc

The Grimrose Girls by Laura Pohl (series)

Lost Roads by Jonathan Maberry (series)

Seven Dirty Secrets by Natalie D. Richards

Storm The Earth by Rebecca Kim Wells (series)

Supernova by Marissa Meyer (series)

Those Who Prey by Jennifer Moffett

Warriors of Wing and Flame by Sara B. Larson (series)

This Week at Book Riot

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Until then, happy reading!

— Kelly Jensen, @heykellyjensen on Instagram.