The Kids Are All Right

New Children’s Book Releases for November 2, 2021

Hey readers! I’m back with another batch of new releases!

Aaron Slater, Illustrator by Andrea Beatty and David Roberts

One of my favorite picture book series has a new installment. The Questioneers are perfect readalouds (I cannot recommend Ada Twist, Scientist more), and this one introduces us to Aaron, who wants badly to be a storyteller but his dyslexia makes it hard to read. This is written in dyslexia-friendly font and follows Aaron as he discovers a different way to tell his stories.

Manu by Kelly Fernandez

In this fun and refreshing graphic novel that combines religion with brujeria, Manu and her best friend Josefina live at a magical school with the religious sisters who take care of them. Despite Manu’s magical talent, her troublemaking ways mean she’s often in trouble. After a prank goes wrong, and Josefina wishes Manu’s magic away, Manu’s powers disappear.

Black Ballerinas by Misty Copeland and Salena Barnes

In this slim, biographical book, ballerina Misty Copeland presents a roundup of Black ballerinas. This is an inspiring look at a group of women who made strides in a field dominated by white dancers (and Copeland also points out that, even now, lighter skinned Black ballerinas outnumber their darker-skinned counterparts for similar reasons).

The Swag is in the Socks by Kelly J. Baptist

In this fun middle grade read, Xavier Moon’s angling for an invitation to the Scepter Club, the club for boys that his father and grandfather belonged to. But with his braces and his stutter, it’s been difficult for Xavier to find his confidence. Enter his great uncle, who gifts him with quirky socks that begin to get Xavier some positive attention and help Xavier begin to seek out something of his very own that sets him apart.

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