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Chapter Books for Newly Independent Readers!

Hi Kid Lit Friends!

This morning I was going through my upcoming and new release bookshelf, and I realized there are quite a few new chapter books that would be great for newly independent readers. This is a genre that I get very excited about because it’s when kids start getting really into reading! I know it can be tricky to find books for this age group, so I’m so happy to see some new releases that young readers will love.

Sona Sharma, Very Best Big Sister by Chitra Soundar, illustrated by Jen Khatun

This is such a sweet chapter book filled with charming illustrations on each page. It’s about a young girl named Sona who is used to having lots of people around: Amma, Appa, Thatha, Paatti, and so many others. When Amma tells Sona that she will be a big sister, Sona isn’t so sure about having to share all the special people in her life with a new baby. Can Sona learn how to be a good big sister?

Jada Jones, Dancing Queen by Kelly Starling Lyons, illustrated by Nneka Myers

When the student council announces that their next fundraiser will involve a school dance, Jada isn’t so excited. She has no idea how to dance! Can Jada figure out how to not embarrass herself at the dance while also raising awareness for the fundraiser and making a difference in her community?

Audrey L and Audrey W, Best Friends-ish by Carter Higgins, illustrated by Jennifer K. Mann (October 5, 2021, Chronicle)

This delightful book is perfect for early elementary readers who are trying to figure out a confusing a complicated world. Audrey enters second grade with lots of optimism, but then second grade doesn’t turn out to be as great as she thought it was going to be. To make matters worse, a new student enters the class and Audrey isn’t Audrey anymore. She’s Audrey L, because the new student is also named Audrey! Is Audrey doomed to be second best at everything?

Blackberry Farm, All Pets Allowed (book 2 in a series) by Adele Griffin, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

The second book in the Blackberry Farm series is as sweet as the first one. Becket Branch’s birthday wish is a dog and his twin brother Nicholas’s birthday wish is for a cat. They head to the shelter, but the dog Becket chooses isn’t the outgoing and friendly like he wanted. The dog turns out to be scared and shy. And while Nicholas wants a cat that is quiet and loves to be indoors like him, the cat he takes home ends up being outgoing and loves being the farm greeter. Was getting these pets a mistake?

Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser by Sophy Henn

Fans of Dory Fantasmagory will love Bad Nana! Filled with quirky illustrations with pops of neon pink, this book is funny, goofy, and silly. Seven year old Jeanie had two grandmothers. One is sort of normal, but the other one is bad. And Jeanie quite likes Bad Nana even though Bad Nana sometimes gets them into bad scrapes! This is such a fun book!

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Also, did you know that the fifth book is the Vanderbeekers series is out now? The Vanderbeekers Make a Wish is about family mysteries, unexpected guests, and a found letter. I hope you enjoy it!

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