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Release John Steinbeck’s Werewolf Novel You Cowards

Release John Steinbeck’s Werewolf Novel You Cowards

Apparently, deep in the archives at the University of Texas, there is an unpublished John Steinbeck novel about werewolves. Murder at Full Moon (yes that really is the title) was one of three early Steinbeck novels that have never been published (the other two Steinbeck himself destroyed). The Steinbeck estate doesn’t seem interested in publishing it. Still, despair not: we only have to wait 22 more years for it to enter the public domain. Until then, you could always freak yourself out reading horror books set deep in the woods.

Bookselling and White Supremacy

At LitHub, Josh Cook reckons with how bookselling can be complicit in promoting white supremacy. How much political power do bookstores have? And what is the best way to use it?

If You Can’t Find a Book Club, Your Answer Might Be at the Library

At Electric Literature, Christina Simon says that while she wished for a book club to invite her in, eventually she found what she was looking for at the library. How many readers like her are out there who, but for the want of a small group of like-minded readers, would be thrilled to join a book club? Another option would be to join an online book club.