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Stephen King Helps Kids Publish Pandemic Book: Today in Books

Stephen King Helps Kids Publish Pandemic-Inspired Book

Students participating in Farwell Elementary School’s Author Studies Program in Lewiston, Maine, just got a big helping hand from Maine’s most famous author. Stephen King’s foundation is covering the $6,500 cost of publishing the students’ 290-page manuscript. The book is a reworking of the story Fletcher McKenzie and the Passage to Whole, reflecting the students’ experiences during the pandemic

Amanda Gorman Recites Powerful Original Poem at the Super Bowl

Before the Super Bowl LV started on Sunday, February 7, viewers were treated to something truly special: Amanda Gorman, the country’s first National Youth Poet Laureate, recited a moving original poem. The poem was entitled “Chorus of the Captains,” and if you missed the live performance (or simply want to see it again), you can watch it here.

Get a First Look at the New HBO Max TV Show MADE FOR LOVE

HBO Max has a new series premiering this spring based on the Alissa Nutting novel Made for Love. And now you can get an exclusive first look at the show. Made for Love, the TV show, stars Cristin Milioti (Palm Springs) in a story the actress describes as a “sci-fi, dark comedy, family, emotional survivor story.”

Academic Libraries Aren’t Just for Writing Papers

Looking to make the most of the academic library in your life? Academic libraries aren’t just for writing papers. Find out just how useful these libraries can be for everyday delights and curiosities.