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Bookstore Categorizes Books By Emotions: Today In Books

Bookstore Categorizes Books By Emotions

Capital Hill, Seattle has a new bookstore, Oh Hello Again, with a different organizational structure than what you may be used to. Rather than by genre and alphabetized, the books are categorized by emotions. So sections have titles like “Being an Outsider (or Wanting to Be Left Alone)” and “For PMS and When You Don’t Want to get Out of Bed”. I will now spend the day creating categories for this bookstore in my head.

Book Club Starts Community Fridge For Food Insecure

Inspired by community refrigerators in New York City that she learned about from National Public Radio, Maureen Davis talked to her book club about upgrading from their replenishing of blessing boxes to starting a community refrigerator in order to feed people who are food insecure. After getting the Skowhegan Regional Chamber of Commerce of Maine to agree, the refrigerator will be at the chamber of commerce office for a month on a trial run. The power of book club.

Bhanu Kapil Wins TS Eliot Poetry Prize

Known as one of the UK’s most prestigious poetry honors, the TS Eliot Poetry Prize has awarded the 2020 winner: How to Wash a Heart by Bhanu Kapil. “Chair of judges, the poet Lavinia Greenlaw, said How to Wash a Heart had been chosen unanimously by the panel – herself and the poets Mona Arshi and Andrew McMillan.”

The History of the Spelling Bee

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is a national tradition. But what fascinates us about middle-schoolers spelling?