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Read This Book: DOCTOR WHO: THE RUNAWAY TARDIS by Rebecca Gyllenhaal and Kim Smith

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On December 21, 1963, one of the greatest enemies of Doctor Who, the Dalek, made their television debut. If, like me, you are unfamiliar with the World of Doctor Who, Delteks were created by Davros from genetically modified Kaleds. He removed all their emotions and was left with the Daleks that operated solely on vengeance and hate.

These robots set on destroying every other race in the universe have become some of the most easily recognized icons of not only science fiction, but also in pop culture. After sci-fi fans named Daleks as the greatest monsters in the galaxy, it should come as no surprise we are  sharing the most adorable Doctor Who inspired children’s book to read for Dalek Remembrance Day

Doctor Who The Runaway Tardis Book Cover

Doctor Who: The Runaway TARDIS by Rebecca Gyllenhaal (Author) and Kim Smith (Illustrator)

Join the Doctor and her smallest companion on an adventure through space and time! 

Unable to make friends at her new school, Lizzie packs a bag and decides to run away. While trying to find her old neighborhood, Lizzie discovers the TARDIS where she meets the Doctor, a mysterious woman claiming to be a time-traveling space alien. When the TARDIS begins to malfunction, Lizzie and the Doctor are sent through time and space. Along the way, Lizzie learns to make new friends, but will she ever be able to get back home?

This 8th book in the Pop Classics series is a great way to introduce Doctor Who to a young audience. As someone who knows very little about Doctor Who, I will admit this book shot to the top of my list above all the others solely for the cover featuring the latest Doctor (the first woman to hold the title) and a little brown girl. What I enjoyed most about The Runaway TARDIS is how you don’t have to know much about Whovian culture to understand the adventure. 

Yes, there are some silly words like “glorp,” “plorp,” and “wibbly wobbly bit,” but the general premise of the story is another imaginative adventure kids will find engaging whether or not they already know and love Doctor Who. In fact, this is a good book for any kid who has recently moved to a new town and had to leave their friends and old life behind. Change like that can be especially hard for a young person, but reading The Runaway TARDIS may help them see the silver lining in their new life. 

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