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The Strand Bookstore Asks for Help: Today in Books

NBCC Takes Criticism Equity Pledge

In response to the blowback that the National Book Critics Circle faced earlier this year surrounding a statement in support of Black Lives Matter, they’ve written an anti-racism pledge and are encouraging members, past members, and nonmembers to take pledge as well. In releasing the pledge, NBCC noted that “We are in deep, thoughtful discussions about the future of the organization and are committed to making deep structural changes.”

David Fincher Confirms The ‘Very Expensive’ MindhunterIs Done For Now

Sad news for Mindhunter fans—the series won’t be returning for a third season, at least not anytime soon. The Netflix show is based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit and exposes how the author John E. Douglas used psychological profiling to uncover some of the most feared killers in America in the late 20th century. It turns out the show was pretty expensive to produce, although Netflix hasn’t cut it outright, saying that another season is possible “maybe in five years.”

New York’s Strand Bookstore Appeals For Help

One of the most iconic bookstores in New York City has suffered a sales decline of 70%, and is now appealing to the public for help. The Strand is a historic landmark in the city, and so they’re also suffering from lack of tourism. Their request for help has garnered criticism, however, as owner Nancy Bass-Wyden is a millionaire who accepted PPP loans while laying off workers, and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into Amazon stock since the pandemic started. She claims the move was to diversify her portfolio so she could continue to support the bookstore. Nonetheless, this is a good reminder to support your independent bookstores, and remember that October is the new December when it comes to holiday shopping.