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Where Do YOU Stand On Pranks?

Thursday, oh Thursday. Wherefore art thou Thursday? Especially since Tuesday felt like Thursday, as did Wednesday. Now that you’re here, we just want you to be Friday. Or even Saturday. (It’s been a long week, y’all. But soon, I get to sit down and read a book. Maybe even…two!)

Let’s talk book stuff.

Over On Book Riot

What are your thoughts on pranks? I’m not a fan (as someone who just this eventide had to deal swiftly with a potential static shock war in the grocery store), but sometimes I enjoy reading about prankster hijinks within the course of a romantic story. So I look forward to trying out some of the books on Sil’s list

This is a great treatise on why queer characters don’t actually need romance to be queer. 

Yuri manga, anyone?

This is a really cool dive into the history of book clubs

What’s the science behind reading

You still have time to go for a gift card to Barnes & Noble

And Trisha and I talked about a bunch of stuff. 


40-Love by Olivia Dade

I hear it’s actually getting cold in some parts of the world, so why not harken to the warmth of a Florida vacation with 40-Love by Olivia Dade? If you’ve already devoured Spoiler Alert, this is an easy jump, featuring another awesome fat protagonist and a sexy love interest who will do anything for her. It’s 4.99 anytime, and a great segue into the other Marysburg and M-burg adjacent books. 

New Books!

East End by Nana Malone

If you’ve read Big Ben and the rest of that trilogy, you are definitely ready for East’s story. The London Lords are very different people, but their stories are similarly compelling (and legit frustrating because she’s writing them in three-book installments oh my god, Nana). East isn’t as broody as Ben, but he’s just as determined to complete his mission, which in this case is to keep an Interpol officer off the Lords’ case. There’s bound to be intrigue, and snark, and serious sexytimes…or maybe just a lot of sexual tension. 

When We Were Ghosts by EJ Phillips

Gemma is on a quest to get her twin back from the dead, and she’s got a ghost named Eve and some…unlikeable companions to help on her quest. And while she’s got this quest to deal with, she might be falling for Eve…which is complicated, because she’s a ghost. (You can bet your behinds I’m super excited to read this, even if it is technically YA. “Upper YA,” it’s called.)

And there are a bunch more I’m looking forward to checking out:

Sweet on You by Carla de Guzman (Christmas the Filipino way!)

Snapped by Alexa Martin (I haven’t read this one and there has been some…discourse…around the way the activism is approached, so ymmv)

Call Me Maybe by Cara Bastone (Audible Original audiobook)

Karmina: The Black Dragon Princess by Kornelia Blackmore (I know nothing about this book or author, but I’m all about all those words)

Descent by Helen Hardt (this is book 15 in the Steel Brothers Saga)

Return Billionaire to Sender by Annika Martin

Love Song by Kylie Scott

Mean Machine by Aleksandr Voinov

Orange Blossoms-Love Blooms by Dalia Dupris

His Halloween Sweet by Raven de Hart

Give Me You by AC Taylor

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren (Christmas Groundhog Day is definitely something I’m into. I want all the time loops)

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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