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Fundraiser For Books By Student Led Organization: Today In Books

Fundraiser For Books By Student Led Organization

A student led organization at an Arizona university, Once Upon a Time (OUAT), has created a fundraiser to help get books to low-income families who on average own between 0 to 4 children’s books. There’s a GoFundMe page for donations and a long list of what your dollars can do: “$3 donation = One good, used book, handpicked by a bookseller; $10 donation = Two paperback books for young readers, perhaps the first book of their own; $25 donation = One hardcover and one paperback book, or five paperbacks to own and share…”

Doctor Strange Will Be In Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 looks to be bringing in a new mentor for Spidey (Tom Holland) in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. How will Doctor Strange play into the already announced Jamie Foxx as Electro?

A Look At Stanley Crouch’s Life And Work

At 74, author, jazz critic, columnist, and novelist Stanley Crouch passed away leaving behind an impressive life and body of work, including iconoclastic critics. You can learn about his novel Don’t the Moon Look Lonesome?, life, and work in this great article by Publisher’s Weekly.