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Reese Witherspoon Picked Her First YA For Book Club: Today In Books

Reese Witherspoon Picked Her First YA For Book Club

Reese’s Book Club has picked its first YA title to read: You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson. According to Witherspoon’s post on her Hello Sunshine site, she’s been reading a lot of diverse YA titles lately that she wants to share so they’ll become the bonus monthly book club picks. Excellent first pick.

Jensen Ackles To Join The Boys S3

If you’re sad about Supernatural coming to an end at least you’re guaranteed more Jensen Ackles on your screen: he’s joining the cast of Amazon Prime’s The Boys comic adaptation in season 3. The move makes sense considering Eric Kripke created both Supernatural and The Boys adaptation. You’ll have to wait a bit though before getting to see Ackles as Soldier Boy since season 2 is set to start in September.

Hartford Public Library Starts Antiracism Book Club

Hartford Public Library has partnered with Noname Book Club to start a book club, The Awakening Book Club, encouraging patrons who are teens to mid-twenties to join in to read social justice and antiracism books, with a space to discuss them. September’s book is White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo and October’s is So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Olou.

Libraries Reopen in COVID-19 Hot Spots: Are Library Staff Being Protected?

In considering whether staff are being protected as libraries reopen during the pandemic, we take a look at some Arizona libraries.