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Beyoncé Coming To Disney+ Inspired By Lion King: Today In Books

Beyoncé Coming To Disney+ Inspired By Lion King

Inspired by The Lion King–Beyoncé voiced Nala in the 2019 remake–Black Is King, a new visual album from Beyoncé, will stream on Disney+ July 31, 2020. And we have a trailer!

As We Wish

For charity, a bunch of celebrities have been filming a low-budget recreation of The Princess Bride film, based on William Goldman‘s novel. You can catch Rob Reiner–who directed the original film–as the grandfather, Josh Gad as the “no kissing” grandson, and so many celebrities (!!) cast for all the other roles on Quibi (short-form mobile video platform). “This version of The Princess Bride will start airing chapter by chapter every day for two weeks on Quibi starting on Monday June 29.”

Fall Book Release Calendar Is Gonna Be Banana-Pants

Fall is usually a time for a lot of book releases but two events this year are going to make it an explosion of book releases: the November US presidential election, and the pandemic. In order to avoid getting lost during the election season, books will release early fall, and now many that were pushed back during the early pandemic months have been rescheduled for early fall. So “yay” for so many books, but really it means it is going to be difficult for book lovers to hear about all of the releases and get their hands on all the ones they want to read.