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Beautiful Cover Art For Thai Harry Potter Books: Today In Books

Beautiful Cover Art For Thai Harry Potter Books

Thai publisher Nanmeebooks is celebrating the Harry Potter franchise with special 20th-anniversary edition covers designed by artist Arch Polar. They are absolutely gorgeous. And someone get me this animated series now!

Storybook Aims To Help Kids Cope With Covid-19

50+ humanitarian organizations have come together to create a storybook for children with the hopes of helping them understand and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Ario, the main character in My Hero is You, How Kids can fight Covid-19!, teaches kids how to protect against the virus while also helping them navigate their many emotions during this difficult time.

One of the Earliest Known Uses of the “F-word”

What might be the oldest recorded use of the F-word is in the National Library of Scotland thanks to George Bannatyne being stuck at home in 1568 due to a plague. It’s an interesting, entertaining, immature, and funny story worth a few minutes of your time today and I’m just gonna be saying “Wan fukkit funling” forever and ever.