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Rufus Sewell Reads To Us In Cozy Sweater: Today In Books

Rufus Sewell Reads To Us In Cozy Sweater

Rufus Sewell has blessed us by reading one of Shel Silverstein’s poems from Every Thing on It while wearing a cozy sweater. Your move, Chris Evans, your move.

Bedtime Bonnet

After Nancy Redd’s three-year-old daughter didn’t want to wear a bonnet to bed, because she associated it with being old, Redd decided to write a children’s book: Bedtime Bonnet. “Du-rags, silk scarves, wave caps, and doobie wraps are all represented in its pages. Redd wanted to transfer her love of the self-care ritual onto her little girl and children around the world.” Beautiful!

Yes, Please

Gabby Rivera’s awesome novel, Juliet Takes a Breath, about a young adult finding her voice and place in the world is going to be a graphic novel! Publishing this November (so far away!), with art and color by Celia Moscote and James Fenner, Rivera says “Get ready for a Juliet Milagros Palante that’s gayer, chubbier, and more confident than ever before.” We’ve been ready!