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Indiana Jones of the Art World Finds Stolen Poetry: Today In Books

Indiana Jones of the Art World Finds Stolen Poetry

Persian poet Hafez, born approximately in 1325, is one of Iran’s most celebrated literary figures, known for his Divan. One of its earliest known copies was privately owned by Jafar Ghazi, until his death when his family discovered many of the items in his collection were missing. Enter Indiana Jones of the art world, known for finding a stolen Picasso, to the rescue, helping to find the stolen Divan.

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YA mystery author Tiffany D. Jackson (Allegedly; Monday’s Not Coming; Let Me Hear a Rhyme) has set her aims at being YA’s Jordan Peele by 2021, and by that she means she’s writing social horror. Smoke is pitched as Get Out meets The Haunting of Hill House and The Weight of Blood is a remix of Carrie set at an integrated prom. Why are these not in my hands right now?!

State of Racial Diversity in Romance Publishing Report

The fantastic romance bookstore The Ripped Bodice has released their fourth annual report to determine where romance publishing is in regards to publishing authors of color and indigenous peoples. “According to the study, for every 100 romance books published in 2019, only 8.3 were written by people of color, a percentage of 8.3%.” It’s an increase from the previous 7.8% in 2016 but if that’s the pace we’re moving to acknowledge people’s humanity/equality, I want off this snails-slathered-in-molasses-ride please.