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How Bookstores Try To Survive Epidemic: Today In Books

How Bookstores Try To Survive Epidemic

COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) epidemic is taking lives, disrupting way of life, and affecting businesses, including bookstores that rely on in-store events and customers. Many are being forced to get creative in order to continue making money to keep from losing their bookstore: asking customers to please buy gift cards; live streaming recommendations and literary readings; “book surprise” service where you tell them your feelings and they send you a book to match.

Fulfill Your Transcribing Dreams

Nearly 4,000 unpublished letters and poems by Walt Whitman needed transcribing and the Library of Congress asked for volunteers to help. Half of the documents still need to be transcribed, so if you’re a Whitman fan and want to help make his documents more accessible here’s your time to shine.

RWA All Over Again

The Scottish Poetry Library issued a ban on “no-platforming” that will lead it to cut ties with authors that criticize other authors. This stems from authors with anti-trans views being called out for being transphobic so the Scottish Poetry Library is essentially saying it will punish authors who point out that other authors are phobic.