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Typewriters Make Comeback With Kids: Today In Books

Typewriters Make Comeback With Kids

Time to feel old! A shop in Philadelphia teaches a typewriting class and kids are showing up and enjoying learning to type like they did in the olden days. “As one girl in the video explains, she likes how typewriting forces you to focus on what you’re writing because you won’t be able to easily fix your mistakes.” The grass is always greener… I guess.

Fiction Matters

The HBO series adaptation of the Watchmen comic taught a moment in history that many were unaware of: the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921, when a white mob descended on a predominantly Black neighborhood killing hundreds of Black people and leaving thousands homeless. Now it seems the show’s opening scenes may have spotlighted one of the country’s worst moments, moving schools to finally officially teach it. “Oklahoma’s education department will provide the framework of a curriculum in April that’s designed to provide ‘extra support and resources’ when teaching students about the massacre. It will be officially incorporated into lesson plans beginning in the fall.

Manners For Kids

A medieval conduct book for kids, The Lytille Childrenes Lytil Boke, meant to teach children table manners (Don’t burp or pick your nose!) has now been digitized as part of the British Library’s new children’s literature website, Discovering Children’s Books. The site also has “original manuscripts, interviews and drafts by authors from Lewis Carroll to Jacqueline Wilson.” What a time to be alive.