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Marathoning A 50 Book Crime Series 🔪

Hello mystery fans! If you’re looking for some things to read to escape the world, Kindle deals, and something to watch I’ve got you.

From Book Riot And Around The Internet

Untamed Shore cover imageOn this week’s All The Books Liberty and Kelly chatted new releases including The Falcon Thief and Untamed Shore.

Today in trivia I hope I get to use one day: Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse is credited with saving lives and being cited in a murder trial.

Forever shouting “translate more books!”: How locked-room mystery king Seishi Yokomizo broke into English at last 

Crime Writers of Color listed a bunch of authors for African American History Month.

The Onlly Child cover imageYou can read an excerpt from The Only Child by Mi-ae Seo at CrimeReads.

What’s In a Page: Saint X author Alexis Schaitkin on the hardest part of writing a book

What this reader learned from marathoning a 50 book crime series.

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News And Adaptations

An exclusive first look at And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall

Jason Batemen won’t be directing Jason Reynold’s Clue remake anymore and that wail you heard was me.

Meg Gardiner’s The Dark Corners of the Night (the third in the FBI series) will be adapted into a one-hour drama by Amazon Studios.

If you’re looking for a new Spy thriller comic series here’s the trailer for Bang!

Not an adaptation but heavily influenced by Christie so putting it here: Rian Johnson Says ‘All Bets Are Off’ When It Comes To Casting The Knives Out Sequel 

Watch Now

The Handmaiden is a South Korean crime drama based on Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith‎ and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. You can watch the trailer here. ‎

Kindle Deals

Burn Baby Burn cover imageThis was so good and while it’s a coming-of-age story it’s set during the summer of Sam in New York and the tension between that and the volatile situation at home I think makes this a great read for fans of crime novels: Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina is $1.99 –seriously, two dollars get this! ( I don’t remember trigger warnings but here’s my review.)

A very good legal thriller that is LITERALLY FREE, GET IT AND READ IT: Every Reasonable Doubt (Vernetta Henderson #1) by Pamela Samuels Young

From my cozy mystery TBR list: Dead As a Door Knocker by Diane Kelly is $2.99

From my thriller TBR list: The Third Victim by Phillip Margolin is $1.99

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