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Checkout A Bike With A Library Card: Today In Books

Checkout A Bike With A Library Card

I love the game “what item that isn’t a book can you checkout from the library?” and today’s answer is: a bike! At least at the San Mateo County Library in California. If you’re 18 or older and have a library card, go check out a bike–and helmet with a GoPro mount and also that first aid kit just in case. You have all day with the bike!

Stacey Abrams Picks Up Mighty Pen Again

Stacey Abrams–who already has a slew of romantic suspense novels and a memoir, Lead From The Outside, under her belt–is publishing a new book this summer. Our Time is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America will publish from Henry Holt and Company in June with the goal of calling for reform to make voting easier and putting an end to voter suppression.

God Has Been Cast

Four seasons into Lucifer and we’ve yet to see a main character: God. But looks like all that will change with the fifth, and final season, as President Palmer–er, I mean Dennis Haysbert has been cast as God. This is gonna make for an awkward family reunion and I can’t wait.