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CARRIE Is Back: Today In Books

Carrie Is Back

Another Stephen King adaptation is in the works: Carrie is being adapted into an FX limited series. While there isn’t a lot of info yet, the one thing coming from sources is that “Carrie White will likely be played by either a trans performer or an actress of color…” Give me #ownvoice writer(s) and all the popcorn will be made.

Another Remake Of An Adaptation

Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity was adapted to film in 2000 starring John Cusack as the heartbroken list making man and Lisa Bonet as his love interest. Now Hulu is adapting the story into a series starring Zoë Kravitz, Lisa Bonet’s daughter, in the titular role. I see what they did there and I like it! You can check out the teaser trailer for the show that will premiere February 14th.


Ijeoma Oluo, writer and author of So You Want To Talk About Race, was recently swatted: trolls called 911 with a false report of a double murder in her home. The goal of swatting is to have police basically show up swat style endangering and terrifying the target. In order to stop this process of weaponizing of the 911 system “Seattle police are sharing their know-how with law enforcement agencies throughout the country, while calling on lawmakers to make swatting a federal crime.”