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Judge Rules No Money For Snowden: Today In Books

Judge Rules No Money For Snowden

Employment contracts with the NSA and the Central Intelligence Agency have a requirement that any book published by the employee must be submitted prepublication for review. For obvious reasons Edward Snowden did not comply with that before publishing his memoir Permanent Record. A judge has now ruled that the U.S. government is entitled to all proceeds from the book.

The Far Side Returns

It’s been 24 years since The Far Side creator Gary Larson put out new work, having retired his surreal comic in 1995. For fans who have been waiting a long time, the wait is finally over as has officially launched. The site will show previously unseen sketches and cartoons, and new work, but his publishers, Andrews McMeel, also admitted, “In truth, we really have no idea what might show up. But, on the other hand, what’s changed?”


An online literary journal and event series, inQluded–which launched in 2018 and put out its first issue in June–“provides a space for young queer, trans, and intersex black and Indigenous writers of color (QTIBIPOC).” QTIBIPOC writers between the ages of 13 and 30 can submit work in various genres and inQluded is designed to help them get a foot in the door.