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Crisis! on Infinite Earths: Today In Books

Congrats, LocHal Public Library

World Building of the Year is not the award some bookish folk might think it is. Rather than recognizing excellence in constructing an imaginary world, the prize goes to a real construction project. And at the 2019 World Architecture Festival, a public library won World Building of the Year.

Crisis! on Infinite Earths

The MCU is an unstoppable juggernaut, but nobody does small-screen like DC, which debuts the latest television crossover event on tonight’s “Supergirl.” Read an overview of some of the characters you’ll encounter in the epic adaptation of the 1985 comic book story.

Hang In There, Olga Tokarczuk

It’s Nobel Week in Stockholm, and things aren’t going too smoothly. Laureate in Literature Peter Handke had a prickly press conference, Kosovo is planning to boycott Tuesday’s ceremony, and former permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy Peter Englund is boycotting all Nobel events.