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Stacey Abrams Adapting Her Romance Book: Today In Books

Stacey Abrams Adapting Her Romance Book

Stacey Abrams is not only a politician out there fighting to make sure all voters’ votes count, but she’s also an author who will executive produce one of her romantic suspense novels into a CBS series. Never Tell, written under her pen name Selena Montgomery, is about a linguistics professor and an investigative journalist teaming up to solve a missing persons case–and probably teaming up for shexy things because romantic suspense?

Happy Birthday Indeed

Betty X. Davis was asked by staff at her senior living and memory care facility what she wanted to do for her 104th birthday and she had the loveliest answer of only wanting to do something for others. And so for her 104th birthday they’ve collected 104 books to donate to a local elementary school library. And now I want to donate my age in books every year on my birthday.

NYPL’s Best Books

From kids to adults, including so many genres, the New York Public Library has a really great list of their Best Books of 2019. They even have a category for best books for children in Spanish and there’s 10 picks for poetry lovers.