The Goods 2

Bookish Sweatshirts

Tis the season to be cozy, and we’ve found a bundle (hah!) of awesome bookish sweatshirts to get you started.

For those nights when “just one more chapter” turns into, well, all the chapters: I Read Past My Bedtime. $40, available in many colors.

Books and coffee. Perfect! Just $28, available in many colors.

Wear your reading goal on your sleeve. Read more books! $29 and up.

For the reader who is sweet on the inside but a little prickly at first glance, here’s a snuggly hedgehog hoodie for $43, with a few color choices.

And here’s one for when you’re just straight-up prickly. I Like Books and Maybe 3 People, for just $22!

Here’s a sweet illustration of books and flowers, for your softer side. $27 and up.

Turn the nostalgia meter up to 11 with this ode to the Baby-Sitters Club, $54.

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